Raining paintings

It’s finally out! The newest issue of RAIN Magazine. I have three images of my paintings in the book. Two of the three are placed in color. I’d like to thank the folks at Rain Magazine for inviting me to contribute to their publication.
RAIN Magazine
Clatsop Community College’s Literary Magazine
RAIN Magazine is an annual production of students and faculty at Clatsop Community College in Astoria, Oregon. The RAIN staff changes every year, with every class. Some of the editors stay on longer, but the group is selective.

The Public Air

Bubble Rapture is my newest three dimension concoction. It happens to be my first public expression since my less than articulate teenage spray paint days, when my best friends (who still are to this day) had things to say on the back of buildings such as the National Guard building, the old Jr. High school and the city republican party office. I attached the piece to a plywood boarded door on an abandoned building.  It’s across from the basketball courts located at the end of a small city park. My intent was to make something for kids and for grown ups. Do you enjoy the pictures of Bubble Rapture? If you live in Portland please visit it at North Park Blocks.  I also should mention that my wife and I will have our apartment featured in Apartment Therapy very soon. Apartmenttherapy.com  Thank you. Have a nice day.

Bad Ass Creature

Hi folks. I recently went hunting in the desert forest of Antrimsten. I came across a Manticore and it’s cub. The adult Manticore was digging in to the ground in search of Lamed Wufniks I had gathered. The beast screeched it’s awful trumpet like voice expressing it’s desire to capture innocent creatures. While the Manticore was preoccupied, I shot the cub several times in it’s belly. It’s head is now mounted on my wall. Here is a photograph of it. Those bastards! Do remember to read the conversations with Marc Spanjers below. I will add the next section soon.  Again his website is www.marcspainthing.com.  Thanks as always.

Rain and Shine

March 26 2011 Entry

I am happy to announce that three pictures of my paintings will be in the Spring of 2011 edition of RAIN Magazine. RAIN Magazine is a literary magazine published by Clatsop Community College. The Magazine has been a fixture in the cultural community of the Oregon North Coast and Southwest Washington areas since 1973. The three paintings that are to be represented are “Outer Libations”, (weird bar painting), “Breathing Heavy”, (western painting) and “Finding Astoria”.  (other worldly view of Astoria with two creature characters). Thanks to RAIN Magazine for the opportunity to exhibit my paintings in their magazine.
Below is a segment that I have been wanting to do since the birth of my web site. It is about artists and other interesting folk that I believe should be recognize and also to publish conversations that I have with them. The first artist is Marc Spanjers of The Netherlands. It is a brief exchange that we had almost exactly a year ago. My good friend I have been discussing on the subject as of late, so I believe it is relevant to that discussion. Again it is brief. Thanks.

The Artist To Know:  Marc Spanjers. The Netherlands.            www.marcspainthing.com
Painting, graphic/prints, photography, comics, writing etc
“Been drawing, painting, making a mess since I was born. Painting on the street since 1989. On canvas since 1996.
I believe good Art (which also can be “bad” art) is indeed something that is a long process within the artist itself and in big it reflects like nothing else the current time we live in. It is also a huge collaboration between human beings and a reaction to that society and the things that matter to the artist.
It should not become a trick or just something “nice” but a process, a fight between the painter and the Paint, to keep it really interesting. At the same time we can’t come up with something “totally” new every week.
It is a battle that is played out on canvas in where the painter also fights itself. It has to question what he/ she is doing and so can become one painting an answer to the other or a new vision etc. That is one of the reasons my works are often really different in “style” and expression. I will always try not put up the same trick every time and I will use the best way/form to express what I want to. Even if that means something completely new and I don’t know if it will be any good. I believe that’s at least a way to keep things happening and interesting. Keep on making this world a colourful one and keep your hearts alive.”  -Marc Spanjers
Part of a brief dialogue between Marc Spanjers and myself on public art a year ago.
Mar. 15, 2010 07:08 pm
There isn’t any thing I want more than to create my paintings out side in the real world, the real art gallery. Being a painter that doesn’t use spray paint makes it incredibly difficult to do this for me. And of course the materials I would use cost a lot more than spray paint. Submitting proposals to institutions for grants seems to be the most realistic avenue for me, but we all know how hard it is to receive one especially for some one that is outside of the art world and doesn’t have a name. I certainly want to participate in anyway I can. Thanks.

Hello David, outside is wonderful..also you get more reactions and direct contact between viewers which can be fun. You can ask people with big walls if you can do them (maybe they will pay for the costs too). Out of ten times surely one will say yes often…so you might have to ask several people/walls. You can also ask for wall/tunnel or so at the local Authorities. Explain them the need for a legal place and the benefits. I’ve got experience with that so I can always help you with some advice/legal rights etc if you want.You don’t have to ask permission of course..like big billboards or wooden fences in the city..or wastelands, grey walls etc..you can just paint them. Its your world too (just don’t get caught hehe). My open call was meant as a sort of wake up call. They have taken away some many paintings/murals and graffiti here in the Netherlands..its a shame they wipe out culture like that..I’m not talking about some monuments they cleaned..no the viciously are cleaning it all..even great legal walls..because they give the “wrong”example to kids!!??? Can you believe that? They are making Holland a true puppet state.
The paint doesn’t have to cost more than the cans. just buy cheap (outside) Acrylic latex paint. You can mix the colors and do really big walls with it. Its also possible to use both on the same wall of course.
When I spray on walls I mostly paint the wall first with latex paint.So the paint from the cans doesn’t get soaked into the wall..colors are brighter etc. Maybe you can try it out in some old empty factory or so. (I’m also thinking about doing an group expo one time with just canvas paintings combined with mural painting etc on this subject..maybe you could participate too but I don’t have a true plan for that yet. I hope you keep on painting and remember..the world is yours too! Keep your hearts alive. Peace

Images of Marc Spanjers. More with Marc hopefully soon.

Happy Surprise

I was recently mentioned in an article about Astoria, OR in Sunset Magazine. Sunset is a publication distributed through out the west. It was a small mention, but I am humbled nonetheless. Here is the web site address: http://www.sunset.com/travel/northwest/astoria-day-trip-00418000070448/
I added more fun stuff in the treasure chest. Just hit treasure. I believe that is all for now. I will be back soon with updates, paintings, toys on the treasure page, and/or some kind of writing. Thanks to you all!
Also, check out my friends link: http://shaundoyle.blogspot.com/

Window Watching

Website entry February 16th 2011.
Hello. Last Saturday, February 12th was a romantic exhibition at the lovely Lunar Boy gallery. The theme was “Love Letters, A-Z.” Each artist was assigned a letter or two. We had to create a picture correlating to the letter and it had to deal with Love. The two letters I had were W and J. Images of the 8″x8″ paintings are below to give you an idea. My beautiful wife also participated.

February 12, 2011. Lunar Boy Gallery

Rebeca's smoking

Rebeca stares out into the cold night

New Work: JPD Studio Staff Painting

Will write about this soon…. recovering from a cold. Merry Christmas!

Quiet Celestial Aquarium

After the show I needed a break from intense painting. I’ve found a new outlet for creating. This new medium for my work is inspired by children’s toys. I’ve been using scraps of wood, fabric, found objects and paint to fashion a 3D world. My new piece is entitled Quiet Celestial Aquarium and is 37″H x 26″W. Interested to hear what folks think.

Solo Show, NY===>NW

Saturday, September 11th my solo show, NY ===> NW opens at Lunar Boy Gallery in Astoria, OR.
The show features new and retrospective work.
Please check out a local newpapers article about the show HERE
Attached below are a couple of my new pieces.

Even if you aren’t on the west coast, you can still enjoy the show, the link to all the work, as well as sizing/pricing is right HERE
Thanks in advance for all the support!

Art in Astoria

Saturday, August 14th, my painting “Outer Libations” was in a show at Lunar Boy Gallery in Astoria OR.

Outer Libations at LunarBoy

Heidi, my lovely wife, had a painting in the show also; It is the first time ever that the both of us had work in a show together. The show’s theme was art inspired by or enhanced by BEER. The event was sponsored by a local brewery, Fort George Brewery. All the galleries and establishments that exhibit art work participated as they served the delicious beer and yummy snacks. My relatively large painting (36″x48″) is positioned in the front window which is exciting and humorous as it reminds me of a billboard. I am very honored.

September eleventh is my very first solo art exhibition at a gallery. I’ve had solo exhibits in NYC before, but never at such an established space.  I am excited, nervous, and humbled by the honor. The show is at the very hip Lunar Boy Gallery in Astoria, Oregon. I will write more about the show soon. Heidi and I would LOVE to have visitors come to town on this weekend… Not only would it be a great way to celebrate the show… but also art walks in Astoria are REALLY fun and a great way to see our new community.

Heidi and I in downtown Astoria