Building and Painting

Acrylic and wood 3D wall relief

Hello everyone. It has been quite a busy summer here in Portland. I had a show in May at Gallery Onetwentyeight (Lower East Side NYC) followed by a solo show at Pulse Gallery in the Everett Street Station Lofts (Portland, Oregon). Starting in September I began exhibiting a new series of work , which are 3-D wooden construction wall reliefs and also a couple new paintings, at Lovejoy Bakers in the Pearl District, Portland Oregon. The show will be through the end of October. Stop on by if you live here in Portland. The food is yummy too.

Acrylic and wood 3D wall relief

Art Exhibitions

Hello everyone. I like to report that I will be showing my art throughout this fine country of ours this summer. I am going to show two paintings at gallery onetwentyeight in the Lower East Side of Manhattan New York City. The address is 128 Rivington Street New York, NY. Phone: 212-674-0244.  Please come and see the debut of two paintings fresh from Pacific North West. I will have brand new paintings displayed on the west coast as well. In June I will show a series of art work specifically for the grand Lovejoy Bakers. The address is 939 NW 10th AvenuePortland, Oregon 97209 Phone: (503) 208-3113 if you care to have scrumptious treats and stare into my world please come. The third show is also in Portland. On July 4th I will exhibit another set of new paintings that have yet to be born. The exhibition is at a new gallery 328 NW Broadway, #117; Everett Station Lofts. Lastly I will participate at Pancakes & Booze Art Show in SAN FRANCISCO on JULY 12th & 13th, 2013. I will not make new paintings for this show as my brain will be most likely be on the fritz. So if you live in any of these cities, please do come.

A Photograph of Amsterdam Between Two Worlds

Here is a first look at the reason that I worked at NDSMTreehouse in November of 2012. A more enhanced and professional image of the painting will be placed within the painting section very soon. I will also update more of my Amsterdam experiences and additional news in a short time.  Thanks everyone for your patients.


Part I
Hello Everyone. I am back home in The United States after six weeks of travel and a month in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I flew to New York City October 24th where I was to stay for a week (which was great) before flying to Amsterdam. My flight was delayed for a week because of Hurricane Sandy. After a long bizarre week of being in the punished and bruised New York City, I was finally able to fly across the Atlantic. I arrived at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport in the middle of the night on November 8th. I will never forget the night leaving Amsterdam Central Train Station at four in the morning and walking through the empty brick streets that whine around the canals and between hundreds of years old buildings. After a beautiful quiet walk, I found the Heart of Amsterdam Hostel. It was in the center of the Red Light District.

After many years of my Amsterdam studies I was finally there. It took me only two minutes to get completely lost on my first day. After about two hours of walking in the beautiful cold sunny day, I found myself in a bar drinking my first, second, third beer in Europe near the Amsterdam’s zoo. I stayed at the hostel for five days. I sat in cafes on my computer looking for a place to live. On the last night at the hostel I finally found a room to rent in the Oud-West section of Amsterdam. It is a working class neighborhood that is about a ten minute bicycle ride to Centrum, the central part of Amsterdam. That is where the center canal rings of the city are. I realized after my first night at the apartment that I needed to buy a bicycle . One can’t live in Amsterdam with out a bicycle.

While at my stay at the hostel I met a cool guy from London. We talked and spoke of past experiences. I mentioned to him of my mistaken perception of a woman who was actually a male after making out with her/him. To my credit It was dark when I was walking home from one of my countless jobs and the Hermaphrodite picked me up. Plus it was about 13 years ago. In exchange, he gave me his account of visiting a prostitute in detail. He told me that one must give the woman fifty euros just to enter into the prostitute’s lair. Then you negotiate what you want for certain prices. The girl offers a menu of sorts. For instance a blow job with a condom on is 50 euros. His experience was that he went to Amsterdam after he and his girlfriend of 8 years broke up. He walked around the red light district alone in search of a woman to be paid for sex. He eventually saw a tall blond with medium size breast, (he reiterated the fact several times), blowing kisses through the pane glass window. He walked in nervously and strait up gave her fifty Euros. After relentless negotiations and an attempt of selling cocaine to him, the two finally came to an understanding. I won’t go further into the details of the services now, but I will make a dark and moody painting from his clear descriptions of the experience. My influences and knowledge of seventeenth century Dutch painting will come in handy for this.

The first week in Amsterdam seemed like there were two different cities, one in the day and the other at night. The landmarks that I scratched in my head in the day disappeared at night. The center of the city is very Americanized as far as the restaurants is concern . I didn’t know what Dutch food was like until a friend at my residency made a delicious hearty stew. I will go in to that night and the residency later. There were Italian and Mexican restaurants, a bunch of Argentinian restaurants. Indian, Thai, and French restaurants. Basically anything that you would find in any City in America. You need to go a little bit out of the historical center of Amsterdam, Dam Square; (the town square) to find some delicious restaurants. Right beside Dam Square is the remarkable 15th-century Gothic church Nieuwe Kerk . It now holds art exhibitions. I foolishly bought an expensive ticket which I thought I was going to see Van Gogh’s paintings but instead I saw reproductions of his paintings. I was an idiot. I didn’t look at the fine print of the poster. I forget what the point of the show was but it is a beautiful building. I am very fond of the med evil era. Next to Nieuwe Kerk church, (New Church), is the Royal Palace which was built the second half of the seventeenth century. It is also where I parked my bike. In the middle of the square you will be able to find an english speaking fellow (likely American) doing tricks for the crowd, exactly what you would see in Union Square or Washington Park, New York City. I have seen the same juggling bowling pins while spitting fire out the persons mouth a million times. I giggle and go to the hot dog/sausage truck.
I must leave it here for now. I will continue with my exhilarating love affair with Amsterdam in days to come.


Hello everybody. I want to thank everyone who came to the Annual Everett Station Lofts Courtyard Group Show in August. I finished a painting, Vegan’s Paradise just in time of the show. I am really happy with the painting.

I have recently been accepted to live and work at Cafe Tissardmine a residency and artist retreat in Morocco. It is located in the center of The Sahara Desert about twenty miles away from a small town of Erfoud. Instead of traveling to Morocco in November I will be painting independently in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I have been enamored with the dutch culture and history for several years. Amsterdam in particular. Seventeenth century dutch painting has huge influence in the way that I look at a room and how to detect meaning from simple objects by how they are placed in relationship to the entire room. The cinematic quality of these works of art suggest that there is a narrative to these paintings. Story telling is usually the impetus of most of my paintings. I am in process of creating a curriculum for myself while my stay. I currently have half completed paintings in my studio that are in a constant state of limbo. Traveling outside of the United States will hopefully cure this stagnate sludge that I am in. If anyone has any advice for me, I certainly welcome it. I will write more to you soon.


Welcome Back! I want to thank my wife Heidi for the new renovations to the website. I’d like to report that out of hundreds of submissions, my painting, “Sea Creature Waiting to Leave” was accepted to show at The Contrary Coffee Shop for the Portland Artists Kumite Art Competition. In this competition the audience votes on the winner. The painting will be shown until Friday July 13th. Portlanders please stop by and vote. You will be able to receive a ballot (M-F 7:00 AM-6:00 PM), 1876 SW 5th Ave.

David SLoan and James Wallace-Mischke. The piece in the center is David’s work.

A Set of Paintings

In April I had a solo show at Paint Hard Gallery, in the Everett Station Lofts, Portland.  Thanks again to my friends and everyone who made it to the show. I am sad to say that I forgot the camera in my apartment and unfortunately do not have photos of the show. Here are a couple of the new paintings though. I am happy to report that I have more fresh work on the way. Thanks and keeping checking back…more to come very soon.

A Sight To See

I will be showing new work and a few older pieces April 5th for First Thursday at Paint Hard Gallery, Everett Station Lofts.  There will be drinks, snacks, music, and of course my art.  It would be great to see everyone.

Hard Painting

Hello everyone. Sorry for the lapse of time since last writing here. I am excited to say that I am going to have a solo show at Paint Hard Gallery on April 5th.  It is located at 328 NW Broadway #117 Everett Station Lofts, Portland. You should come.The word on the street is President Obama will be there. I think he wants me to  paint a portrait of him and a secret service person doing the dishes together. I have finished two new paintings and I am currently working on what is becoming a very difficult painting that will be ready for the show.  I will put some fun and interesting things up here soon. Probably after the show. I hope to see you there, and I hope you folks have a good year.

The Zero Show

The opening exhibit at The Gallery Zero on the third of this month was great. I exhibited four paintings. One new painting I finished the morning of hanging the art. However, if the painting does not sell I want to go back to it and add and subtract to the painting. The galleries interior is completely red and adds a great dimension to the work. The magenta hues alter the experience of viewing the art, as opposed to more traditional art galleries with white walls. The red walls were mostly covered with large canvases that the curator/gallery owner Randy Young encourages and which I think is refreshing. The paintings in the gallery are more graphic oriented, so if you are a graphic designer, as my wife is, you will probably dig the work. Come check it out and see what you think.  Thanks, as always.