Con Artist Collective & Gallery Art Opening

Hi there. I want to invite everyone to a small group show that I’m going to participate in. I have one small painting that will be in it.
Dates: March 27th to March 31st
OPENING RECEPTION: Wednesday March 29th /// 7-11pm

People’s Choice: Come cast your ballot for your favorite artist in this open-call show with no theme other than being the best. Whichever artist manages to gather the most votes on opening night will be awarded a solo show in the following month.

Con Artist Collective & Gallery
119 Ludlow St. New York, New York 10002
Open Monday through Saturday 11am to 7pm

Also, I will be updating my European travels this week. Come back here and check that out.

Beginning Of 2017

Hi everyone. My apologies for the long silence. 2016 was a long and slow year and now it’s finally over. I’ll make sure 2017 will be more productive and fruitful for art.
I am going to have two paintings in a small group show in the lower east side of Manhattan, ConArtist gallery, 119 Ludlow street. The theme of the exhibition is the supernatural. The Collective announced that the artworks should be inspired by some kind of supernatural element. Whether it physically shows a ghost, vampire, etc or it embodies the emotions that supernatural elements bring up like fear, obsession and intrigue. I find this subject to be largely vague and broad. One can make the argument that all art has an element of the supernatural. I need my paintings to be experienced in real life so I’m grateful for the opportunity to do so.
OPENING PARTY: Wednesday January 25th

I will continue to update this here website. I recently returned from a small trip to Paris, France and Barcelona, Spain that I would like to discuss. Ive been thinking a lot about street art and beginning to return to making it once again. There will be a lot about that in the following weeks. I’ll make sure that I’m active in all arenas in this year 2017.

The girl who lost her loneliness

Hello. I want to share an illustration that I painted. It’s an example of my ability to illustrate a narrative that I submitted to an publishing company. It was a good study for my painting.
I do not have any shows at the moment. I will let everyone know as soon as I do. Hope everyone is having a good summer.

Art Opening in the Lower East Side

Good day everyone. I would like to say I that I will have a painting in a group exhibition Wednesday April 27th. Details below.

Interconnectedness Art Show
Art work that visually/conceptually explores the theme of interconnectivity, or the relation between two or more people, objects, concepts, or locations.
OPENING PARTY: April 27th 7pm to 11pm
CLOSING PARTY: May 4th 7pm to 11pm
Con Artist Collective
119 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002

It would be wonderful to have you join.

Berlin Art Gathering

Hello everyone. Last quarter of 2015 was devoted to painting in my lil Manhattan studio. Not super thrilled. But then 2016 and now I’m super thrilled again. Funny how that happens. Also it occurs to me in this new year to be more present in the silly ‘world of art’– Exhibit more, SCHMOOZE,(if you could only see my charms late at night in the East Village when everyone is drinking and having a good time), concentrate on public art, public projects and so forth.

I traveled to Berlin in the beginning of February. I was there for ten days. I set out to explore contemporary life in Berlin which I fairly accomplished although one can merely scratch the surface when being somewhere for only ten days. Regardless, extremely rewarding. I met a fellow painter, Silke Weyer. She was in an group show called ‘Super Power Woman’ (Between the the selected work site and the gallery itself, the exhibit experience completely resembled a gallery in the lower east side, in Manhattan, similar to Gallery 128 that I’ve shown numerous times.)

During the opening I met a really interesting person. My new honey-sweet woman friend and myself drunkenly joked and playfully teased ourselves and eachother and giggled frantically at the scene that is now so common in so much of the urban world–And engaged in basically the same childish and exuberantly healthy behavior that I get into at any other art opening in the United States. But it was amazing. And I now have a wonderful new friend.

More to come soon. I promise

Fine Summer Art

Good day fine people. I would like to thank Kenneth Husband who curated the Second Saturday Art Gallery’s Premier National Group Show entitled “Universal Visions” in York, Pennsylvania on June 13 th. Also I want to thank everyone who participated and who went to the exhibition. It was certainly quite interesting. There was definitely a lot of art that I thought good. Held in what was once a warehouse in the industrial part of town, now a very large art space. If you happen to be in the Gettysburg area of Pennsylvania I highly recommend visiting the quaint town of York.

Spring Arrival

Hello everyone. I am here to tell you what is new. I am always weary of exhibiting my art on the Internet. I believe paintings should be seen in real life and real time. Being from Northeast Ohio I am thrilled that I do have 10 examples of my art on the Cleveland Scene Magazine’s virtual art gallery curated by Loren Naji. Loren has written an interesting and flattering curator statement. The website address is
I would also like to mentioned that I will be showing at Second Saturday Art Gallery’s Premier National Group Show entitled “Universal Visions” in York, Pennsylvania. The culmination of this show will be held on June 13th from 6 pm until 10 pm. This will be the celebration of diverse artists from across the Eastern Coast of the United States. It includes all artists, musicians, and of course refreshments. The show dates are June 13th until July 12th.
I finished a amusing 3 dimensional piece, perfect for a child’s bedroom. It’s very toy like. I have always loved to play with toys even as an adult. Here is a raw image of it. Inspired by my little niece, Lauren. I have paintings in the works. I will take more professional images of the artwork, don’t you worry. Until then, I bid you a farewell.

Here again!

It is November, 2014. It has been a year since my last entry. There is a very good reason for this. Much of it is extremely personal which you may discern in my future paintings but I won’t detail here. I went through a divorce and moved from Everett Station Lofts Portland, Oregon last December to my (more or less home town) of Cleveland, Ohio. I lived with my dear friend for two brutal cold winter months and then I decided to move to New Orleans in March, completely isolated from anyone I know or any connections that I have. I moved into a shotgun apartment in the Irish Channel. The apartment didn’t have a door separating my room from the kitchen and the rest of the apartment making my bedroom a mere passageway—consequently it was not conducive to painting in privacy which my working method demands.
In April my friend (previous mentioned) and I flew to Peru for nine days. It was the first time either of us had ever been to South America. We flew into Lima where we stayed for a couple days and then down to the town of Ica which is in the middle of a desert with some of the largest sand dunes in the world. We then took a luxury bus through the Andes to the breathtaking town of Cusco. This is not a travel journal so I’m not going to go into details but suffice it to say there will certainly be future paintings influenced by this great trip. (You want to sharpen your powers of vision? See the world!)
So after nine days in Peru it was back to New York City. While I was in NYC I realized it was time to move permanently back to where I feel most at home. I moved back to New York in July. Because of the treacherous feat of finding a place to live in this city I was basically living at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the month of July. I would go to the library in the basement of the museum in the morning when the museum opens, desperately trying to find a home. I would take breaks going through the museum going to some of my favorite more undiscovered rooms for hours at a time. At times I slept on a bench in Central Park. This got me through.
In August I finally found a room to rent in a great apartment in Brooklyn. I now have a bedroom that doubles as my work studio and I feel ready to paint in earnest. I am currently working on a commissioned piece but I intend to have multiple new works to exhibit sometime this winter. After an incredible, life-shifting, frustrating, and at times dangerous, yet soul-renewing year, I am ready to paint to the fullest of my talents and desires and throw myself completely into my craft.
You will now hear from me here more frequently so stay tuned.

Building and Painting

Acrylic and wood 3D wall relief

Hello everyone. It has been quite a busy summer here in Portland. I had a show in May at Gallery Onetwentyeight (Lower East Side NYC) followed by a solo show at Pulse Gallery in the Everett Street Station Lofts (Portland, Oregon). Starting in September I began exhibiting a new series of work , which are 3-D wooden construction wall reliefs and also a couple new paintings, at Lovejoy Bakers in the Pearl District, Portland Oregon. The show will be through the end of October. Stop on by if you live here in Portland. The food is yummy too.

Acrylic and wood 3D wall relief

Art Exhibitions

Hello everyone. I like to report that I will be showing my art throughout this fine country of ours this summer. I am going to show two paintings at gallery onetwentyeight in the Lower East Side of Manhattan New York City. The address is 128 Rivington Street New York, NY. Phone: 212-674-0244.  Please come and see the debut of two paintings fresh from Pacific North West. I will have brand new paintings displayed on the west coast as well. In June I will show a series of art work specifically for the grand Lovejoy Bakers. The address is 939 NW 10th AvenuePortland, Oregon 97209 Phone: (503) 208-3113 if you care to have scrumptious treats and stare into my world please come. The third show is also in Portland. On July 4th I will exhibit another set of new paintings that have yet to be born. The exhibition is at a new gallery 328 NW Broadway, #117; Everett Station Lofts. Lastly I will participate at Pancakes & Booze Art Show in SAN FRANCISCO on JULY 12th & 13th, 2013. I will not make new paintings for this show as my brain will be most likely be on the fritz. So if you live in any of these cities, please do come.