Hi world. It seems like an eternity since my last post here. I apologize for this. I need to alter the lack of rhythm in my art diary. I have been occupying my Instagram page this past year which is davidjasonsloan. I’ve been recording my three dimensional construction public street art on that platform. I will return my creative efforts here as well.

I accidentally began an social art experiment this summer with the 3D street art. Please let me tell you the story of summer of 2018. It takes place at an abandon lot in Yorkville, on the upper east side of Manhattan. Kitty corner from my studio where I work and live is a plain beige painted wooden fence. A person might say it’s an ugly sight. There is a closed door that is chained shut with a sign warning not to dare enter. Where the chain threads through a hole in the fence, you are able to peak in and see a majestical forest ruled only by its own will. Above the fence you’ll see trees climbing for competition of the the two buildings as the property resides on the corner. Looking through, I imagined I was peaking into another land. So I decided to build one of my construction pieces (that I share all over the city) and attached it to the weathered down boards. I placed a few of my business cards between the cracks of my imagined 3D Polaroid photo of what I think happens at night on the other side of the wall. I wanted to see if anyone would noticed.

I began with the one structure. Because of the use of interior wood glue, the rain had washed away parts. What happened next surprised me. I received this email from a lovely woman.

I than decided to gather what parts were lying around on the ground and go in to my studio and built a second third dimension picture. The day after I planted the second piece I walked across the street to the corner store. On my way back a gentleman was spraying black frames and than postered artful photographs of bridges. Than the next day I found that a person had contributed with precise splashes of a light blue paint. I began realizing that an out door art gallery in the midst of towering buildings has been created.

Again I used the same adhesive. And again the rain did its thing. And again I collected the pieces. Many months ago I had rescued a large rectangle board from the side of the street. I believed that it was used as a head board for someone’s bed. I brought it home and kept in the corner of my studio as it was waiting to be used. I decided that my magical world needed a real door. I turned that piece of wood into a door. I made a mysterious lady with green skin looking out of a window. I than plastered it to the wall.

I than turned my attention to the first art work and began to reconstruct it. One late night I was painting on it. I had to walk back to the studio to get more paint. When I went out of the building I had seen that a police car was creeping, parked around the corner waiting for their person of interest. I thought “fuck you guys, I’ll come back during the day and hide in plain sight”. I put together a smaller assemblage and added it on.

During this process, I had gotten many compliments. I’m very grateful. I believe that art needs to be part of every day life. That everyone deserves art, not just folks who can afford the $25-$3o to go to art museums….

This was my summer of 2018. Now to move on and forward.

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