Summer time in New York City

Hello everyone. I’m here to let you know of a couple of things of what’s happening in my artist life. The first thing I certainly should mention is that I will be in an annual summer art exhibition at Art on A Gallery. The opening reception party will be Thursday June 22nd, 7-9pm. The show will run from June 22nd until the closing reception party Thursday July 13th, 6-8pm. I very much hope everyone can attend.
Art on A Gallery
24 Avenue A (Between 2nd & 3rd street)
NY, NY 10009

Public art entry:

I am a painter living in Manhattan. My paintings have been shown at numerous galleries around the city but as an artist, I am more recently concerned with framing and fortifying my painted wooden constructions on city streets, on buildings, in the current atmospheres of New York City.
Not that my constructions feature representations of, or references to New York City in any specific way. Because they don’t. My work are more likely to make you think of seeing the interior of a bar inside a spaceship in a child’s open eye’d way– seeing it for the first time and thru a fractured wild reception of color and primal precision with figures that may be planetary slender creatures creeping with reds and blues and yellows–and/or are also intergalactic seers who stumble forth. In part I tell a partial story of the abject failures in how we communicate with our fellow human being these days–Especially in person.
My creatures are people too but no one is talking and no one is listening and no one is looking each other in the eyes. In our contemporary landscape of dialogue, something is afoot. Not only in New York City but in the World.

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