Beginning Of 2017

Hi everyone. My apologies for the long silence. 2016 was a long and slow year and now it’s finally over. I’ll make sure 2017 will be more productive and fruitful for art.
I am going to have two paintings in a small group show in the lower east side of Manhattan, ConArtist gallery, 119 Ludlow street. The theme of the exhibition is the supernatural. The Collective announced that the artworks should be inspired by some kind of supernatural element. Whether it physically shows a ghost, vampire, etc or it embodies the emotions that supernatural elements bring up like fear, obsession and intrigue. I find this subject to be largely vague and broad. One can make the argument that all art has an element of the supernatural. I need my paintings to be experienced in real life so I’m grateful for the opportunity to do so.
OPENING PARTY: Wednesday January 25th

I will continue to update this here website. I recently returned from a small trip to Paris, France and Barcelona, Spain that I would like to discuss. Ive been thinking a lot about street art and beginning to return to making it once again. There will be a lot about that in the following weeks. I’ll make sure that I’m active in all arenas in this year 2017.

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