Berlin Art Gathering

Hello everyone. Last quarter of 2015 was devoted to painting in my lil Manhattan studio. Not super thrilled. But then 2016 and now I’m super thrilled again. Funny how that happens. Also it occurs to me in this new year to be more present in the silly ‘world of art’– Exhibit more, SCHMOOZE,(if you could only see my charms late at night in the East Village when everyone is drinking and having a good time), concentrate on public art, public projects and so forth.

I traveled to Berlin in the beginning of February. I was there for ten days. I set out to explore contemporary life in Berlin which I fairly accomplished although one can merely scratch the surface when being somewhere for only ten days. Regardless, extremely rewarding. I met a fellow painter, Silke Weyer. She was in an group show called ‘Super Power Woman’ (Between the the selected work site and the gallery itself, the exhibit experience completely resembled a gallery in the lower east side, in Manhattan, similar to Gallery 128 that I’ve shown numerous times.)

During the opening I met a really interesting person. My new honey-sweet woman friend and myself drunkenly joked and playfully teased ourselves and eachother and giggled frantically at the scene that is now so common in so much of the urban world–And engaged in basically the same childish and exuberantly healthy behavior that I get into at any other art opening in the United States. But it was amazing. And I now have a wonderful new friend.

More to come soon. I promise

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