Spring Arrival

Hello everyone. I am here to tell you what is new. I am always weary of exhibiting my art on the Internet. I believe paintings should be seen in real life and real time. Being from Northeast Ohio I am thrilled that I do have 10 examples of my art on the Cleveland Scene Magazine’s virtual art gallery curated by Loren Naji. Loren has written an interesting and flattering curator statement. The website address is najiartsccene.com.
I would also like to mentioned that I will be showing at Second Saturday Art Gallery’s Premier National Group Show entitled “Universal Visions” in York, Pennsylvania. The culmination of this show will be held on June 13th from 6 pm until 10 pm. This will be the celebration of diverse artists from across the Eastern Coast of the United States. It includes all artists, musicians, and of course refreshments. The show dates are June 13th until July 12th.
I finished a amusing 3 dimensional piece, perfect for a child’s bedroom. It’s very toy like. I have always loved to play with toys even as an adult. Here is a raw image of it. Inspired by my little niece, Lauren. I have paintings in the works. I will take more professional images of the artwork, don’t you worry. Until then, I bid you a farewell.

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