Here again!

It is November, 2014. It has been a year since my last entry. There is a very good reason for this. Much of it is extremely personal which you may discern in my future paintings but I won’t detail here. I went through a divorce and moved from Everett Station Lofts Portland, Oregon last December to my (more or less home town) of Cleveland, Ohio. I lived with my dear friend for two brutal cold winter months and then I decided to move to New Orleans in March, completely isolated from anyone I know or any connections that I have. I moved into a shotgun apartment in the Irish Channel. The apartment didn’t have a door separating my room from the kitchen and the rest of the apartment making my bedroom a mere passageway—consequently it was not conducive to painting in privacy which my working method demands.
In April my friend (previous mentioned) and I flew to Peru for nine days. It was the first time either of us had ever been to South America. We flew into Lima where we stayed for a couple days and then down to the town of Ica which is in the middle of a desert with some of the largest sand dunes in the world. We then took a luxury bus through the Andes to the breathtaking town of Cusco. This is not a travel journal so I’m not going to go into details but suffice it to say there will certainly be future paintings influenced by this great trip. (You want to sharpen your powers of vision? See the world!)
So after nine days in Peru it was back to New York City. While I was in NYC I realized it was time to move permanently back to where I feel most at home. I moved back to New York in July. Because of the treacherous feat of finding a place to live in this city I was basically living at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the month of July. I would go to the library in the basement of the museum in the morning when the museum opens, desperately trying to find a home. I would take breaks going through the museum going to some of my favorite more undiscovered rooms for hours at a time. At times I slept on a bench in Central Park. This got me through.
In August I finally found a room to rent in a great apartment in Brooklyn. I now have a bedroom that doubles as my work studio and I feel ready to paint in earnest. I am currently working on a commissioned piece but I intend to have multiple new works to exhibit sometime this winter. After an incredible, life-shifting, frustrating, and at times dangerous, yet soul-renewing year, I am ready to paint to the fullest of my talents and desires and throw myself completely into my craft.
You will now hear from me here more frequently so stay tuned.

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