Hello everybody. I want to thank everyone who came to the Annual Everett Station Lofts Courtyard Group Show in August. I finished a painting, Vegan’s Paradise just in time of the show. I am really happy with the painting.

I have recently been accepted to live and work at Cafe Tissardmine a residency and artist retreat in Morocco. It is located in the center of The Sahara Desert about twenty miles away from a small town of Erfoud. Instead of traveling to Morocco in November I will be painting independently in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I have been enamored with the dutch culture and history for several years. Amsterdam in particular. Seventeenth century dutch painting has huge influence in the way that I look at a room and how to detect meaning from simple objects by how they are placed in relationship to the entire room. The cinematic quality of these works of art suggest that there is a narrative to these paintings. Story telling is usually the impetus of most of my paintings. I am in process of creating a curriculum for myself while my stay. I currently have half completed paintings in my studio that are in a constant state of limbo. Traveling outside of the United States will hopefully cure this stagnate sludge that I am in. If anyone has any advice for me, I certainly welcome it. I will write more to you soon.

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